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Saturday, May 11, 2013

Just to Say Hi.

Hey Guys I just wanted to say hi.

Things are busy with me being pulled in many directions at once. I will update this soon Love you all.

Your Brother in Christ

Saturday, March 23, 2013

I am so bad about not updating this Blog.

I am a little better on Facebook but not much.

Well the BIG news is Our New Solar Talking Bible. We just got the first ones into the office and they are so cool. The can run on the sun, not just charge but play the Bible with the power of the SON/SUN :-)

Here is a picture of one.

Check out for more info.

Love you guys.

Friday, December 9, 2011

What's going on?

Hello All
The last couple months have been packed with me working on new languages for Talking Bibles International's free Scriptures listening website,
With the new year coming I do need your support to fund the up coming year.
Your support goes to help me stay in Ministry full time working for Talking Bibles International and other ministries in need of Technical support. At Talking Bibles I maintain the free audio Scripture website and manage all network and server systems. I also help out with technical support for several missions website like and
You can make donations at my website via PayPal or contact me by email and I can give you my address to mail a check.
Thank you all for the prayers and support.
Merry Christmas and Happy New Year.
Your Brother in Christ
David Wright

Tuesday, May 31, 2011

What's going on with David!!!!!!!!!!

Good Morning all Well it is the start of a new week and the race has started. Mondays are a long day for me, It starts off with the morning up at Talking Bibles International. I am in the office one day a week but through out the week I am working on Talking Bible stuff from home. Also though out the week I get Tech support calls from a wide range of ministries, missionaries, church's and ministry friends. Also on Mondays I am on staff with Spectrum's Kids Club at La Bola, in Grupo Mexico on the South East side of Tijuana. Dave Dixon and I pickup anywhere from 20-30 kids in Laguna and take them to Cloob as it is pronounced in Mexico, to La Bola. Over the past couple of months I started letting the kids play juegos de video (video games) on my IPhone. This week I put some video games on a old Laptop computer someone donated so the kids can play video games before Cloob(club). My Spanish is getting better, but still needs a lot of work. I am also going down to Mexico on Thursdays and over the past couple weeks I have got to hang out with my Friend Carlos and hand out los platanos y las naranjas (Bananas and Oranges) to kids after they have been washed and given new clothes and sometimes shoes. The Families also get fresh Hortalizas (Vegetables) passed out and we also have several people cutting hair. One of the people cutting hair is Lili. She is also on staff with the kids club at La Bola and has so much energy she makes me tired. Lili is great with the Kids. Our fearless leader at La Bola is Paul. He leads the kids in music and teaching. Also while singing our kids are learning sign language from Lili and her hija mayor (oldest daughter) Alexis. is up and running with more than 60 languages of the New Testament audio Bible for free listening. I have about 20 new languages in my to do list and as time permits, I will be editing them and putting them on the site. is a ministry of Talking Bibles International. The MP3 player audio Bible Project is still going and I just bought 15 more new Mp3 player to go down to our Kids in Mexico. I also have been able to put the Bible in Spanish on CD for those that already have their own mp3 player or computer they can listen to the bible on. We are also working on a new website for another ministry and I will keep you updated on that soon. I hate talking about the financial side of things but I can use your help to continue ministry full time.

Currently I am at 25% of needed funds each month. At this time I don't have medical insurance, so any help in that area would be much appreciated.

I hope you all are doing well. Please email me when you get the time it is always nice to hear from you. Your Brother in Christ David

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